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We offer comprehensive solutions on mobile communication and mobile marketing. We specialise in range campaigns with the use of rich media formats (Mobile Branding), effectiveness campaigns (Mobile Performance), app marketing and promotion (App Booster) and campaigns based on geolocation (Mobile-2-Offline). We apply comfortable modes of advertising cost settlements, including: CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL, CPD, CPI.

We offer the perfectly adjusted and most engaging mobile advertising, which draws attention, develops engagement and achieves extraordinary results. We are experts on mobile rich media.

Mobile Video

We carry out campaigns with the use of mobile video. We create videos which are dedicated to mobile devices (mobile-first). We use our own native video rich media formats.

Mobile Performance

We carry out mobile effectiveness campaigns in most popular advertising ecosystems (Google, Facebook) and in programmatic networks. We settle our services on the basis of achieved customer’s goals.

Mobile 2 Offline

We use geolocation and specifics of smartphones to precisely target and generate movement in offline stores (commerce, services, events). We measure conversion from mobile advertising to stores (ROPO effect).

App Booster

We specialise in marketing and app promotion. We carry out campaigns promoting apps and generating downloads in CPI and CPD models. We offer comprehensive service on app marketing (App Store Optimization).

Proxi Mobile

We offer a well-tested geolocation solution for app owners and developers. We use such technologies as geofencing, Wi-fi or bluetooth to locate smartphones precisely. We engage users by push notifications.

Smart Stamp

This is an innovative solution for app owners. A physical stamp placed on a customer’s smartphone (e.g. in store) is a unique customer experience. It develops engagement and loyalty of customers.

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